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CFP - Chains of Frequency Permutations: comparing 2 lists of most frequent words

Please insert below the lists of most frequent words of two texts you want to visualize. On each line, write the word first and then its number of occurrences. You can build such lists using the Treecloud.org website.

The example below uses lists of most frequent words inside a corpus of abstracts of 4159 research projects about biodiversity supported by funding agencies from countries of the European Union, for the 2004-2007 and 2008-2011 periods. More details about this corpus built for the Biodiversa ERA-Net project can be found in this brochure.

Name of the first list:

Most frequent words of the 1st text:

Name of the second list:

Most frequent words of the 2nd text:

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How to cite

If you use Chains of Frequency Permutations in a scientific article, please cite the following article:
Nadège Lechevrel, Philippe Gambette (2016) A Textometrical Approach to Study the Transmission of Biological Knowledge in the XIXth Century, Nouvelles perspectives en sciences sociales 12(1):221-253.

GitHub repository of the code: https://github.com/PhilippeGambette/cfp/


CFP - Chains of Frequency Permutations, a visual tool to compare the frequency of words in two texts
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